1.2. What’s new in Tkwant

Version 1.1

  • new class manybody.Greenfuncion() to calculate nonequilibrium Greenfunctions

  • new module interaction, including the class interaction.SelfConsistentState(), for generalized self-consistent calculations

  • new routine manybody.boundstates_present() to check whether boundstates are present

  • new class tkwant.system.siteId() to simplify indexing in a Kwant system

  • changed Hamiltonian pertubation interpolation to use adaptive stepsize control

  • simplified lead occupation and generalization for multiorbital systems

  • additional tutorial sections (elect. vs. chem. potential, green functions, self-consistent calculations, boundstates, frequent tkwant pitfalls)

  • special analytical reference implementations (for calculating Green functions on dot arrays)

  • optimization for performance and memory consumption

  • optional mode to further reduce memory footprint

  • improved logging and debug infos

  • reduced library dependencies for building Tkwant

  • bugfixes

Version 1.0

  • initial release